The Reunion

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Please stand up!

 There were so many good suggestions and I’ve been remissed in going back and checking to see who suggested what. So I’m going to use the honesty system and asked that you … yes, you, step forward for the title contest if it was you who suggested it.

 Now since I chose the following title with a subtitle (that was also suggested and I think – or I know two people suggested the first title, I would like you to send an email to me at sylviahubbard1@yahoo.comDO NOT COMMENT ON THIS MESSAGE AND SAY “it was me, Sylvia”). I do have the email addresses of the titles that I wanted to consider and then I’ll just run a search on that email to see if it matches what i have stored.

Drumrolll for the final title….

Sweet Reunion

Chamber of Love

Thanks again for all your help and see you all in January of 2007 when the next book will be….

 Gotcha… like I was gonna just tell you. LOL.

 I’ll keep you abreast on what’s it gonna be by the middle or end of December…

Don’t forget to refer friends to Sweet Reunion at: and if you haven’t, you can pick up Prince Heart story at:


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Author Post 9

Gawd, I’m done. I mean I’m really done.

To end this story was so difficult. I didn’t want to let them go. I loved Grae and I loved Ezekiel and I loved this story. I wish I was living it sooooo bad.

I don’t know what was wrong with me and why I was so reluctant to end it, but that was the case. I knew once I ended it, I would have to let them go and I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to let Grae and Ezekiel go.

I wanted to change her name and I thought that was about the stupidest name I could give a character, but it worked out so well. So good!

But I’m done. I’m so done with it and I will be uploading the final chapter to my lulu bookstore after I do a quick spell-check.

In the meantime for those of you who are interested, I’ve made Prince Heart Story available for you at:

Here’s the cover I just did for Prince Heart story which is called Cabin Fever.


And the synopsis just in case you’re interested:

When Naomi is scarred by a horrible crime, her old seductress ways were put to rest, while she coped with the fact that men did not find her attractive anymore. Yet, when she ventures on the Internet and finds a man who will love her despite her appearance, she realizes that beauty is only skin deep, but deception is ugly to the bone.

Enjoy and once you download it, please leave a comment on this page.

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Author’s Note 8

With my conference over, I can get back on track. I’ll finish this baby up, but I wanted to ask my devoted readers a favor.

 I’m not liking the title too well and I need your help to rename ths book.

 The winner will receive a copy of Prince’s story along with all the donators to this book.

I havent’ read or commented on any comments since Friday and now i need to play catch up.

 Today I should.

Your author,


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Author’s Note

oh my gawd, i didn’t expect the story to take a turn like it just did and the bad part is I don’t have time to post it right now.

I didn’t reread it to make sure it was consistent so i can’t post it.

I’ll do it tonight after I get back from my pre-media party!

I have to make sure all story lines are closed and this is the last chapter to do it. I think I got everyone down except for Gus’ problems.

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Author’s Note 7

I know you are waiting.

I’m soooooo sorry.

I am in the midst of planning a conference and I am so trying to get it all done and get the story together without stressing out.

I usually take 3 month breaks during this time, but this story was soo good that I had to start and…

Well that’s why I’ m so sorry, but….

I am going to post tonight by midnight EST at least one post and then I’ll stay up and post another about a couple of hours later.

Right now, I’m headed to the library to talk about sex…. I swear it’s the truth.

Once again I’m sorry.

And please stop tearing your hair out, biting off your nails, bitching at your husbands, and any other obsessive complusive habits (such as refreshing the screen twenty times in one hour) that you have developed because of me.

Thank you

Your author,

Sylvia Hubbard

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Author’s Note 5

Author’s note: 

We are now getting down to the nitty gritty of the story. Usually when all the crap hits the fans and you’re looking at one ugly mess I have to clean up.


To all the old fans, they know what I might do, but you newbies to my work are a little wet behind the ears.


If you’re familiar with my work, when we get to Chapter 40, I’m wrapping up. Since I was twenty-nine, I’ve always tried to devote about four to five pages to a chapter. (Although we don’t count Stone’s Revenge and that fifteen page rape scene in Stealing Innocence, LOL.) By Chapter 40, I’m usually hitting my designated word count of 75,000 and I’ve spit out all that I creatively spit and now all that’s left to do is wrap it up and decide if I want a happy ending with what’s best or a happy ending with what’s to come.


I hate open ending stories, so everything should be wrapped up by then:


Right now for the Reunion, I’ve got to:


  • Decide how I’ll announce Grae’s pregnancy
  • Work out the LW storyline (which you’re not even close on your guesses about)
  • Decide if Prince will beat the shit out of Ezekiel
  • Decide if Ezekiel will really hurt Grae
  • Find Grae’s father
  • Figure out what the hell is up with Rachel
  • Decide if I’ll give you even a hint of Prince’s fiancée
  • Kick Liz’s butt on just because you messed with my life principles
  • Bring Ezekiel and Gus back together somehow without punking either one of them out
  • Bring Ezekiel and Grae back together after Ezekiel rips her to pieces, if he does, because I haven’t figured out if he is going to hurt her or not.


I think that’s it? If not, please let me know what I missed.

 READER’S QUESTIONS:  Hey, you’re the writer; you should know what’s going to happen.  

Well, I should, but I’m typing the story eight hours to an hour short of posting it online. When I say you’re reading it live and hot, I really mean it. You are reading right from my imagination.

 READER QUESTIONS:  Well how do you keep up with the story if you’re just making it up? Don’t’ you keep post it notes? Or something? Don’t’ you have an outline of what’s to come or something? 

No! Never have and probably never will until I get old and complicated. I just go in my brain and pull out where I left off from. It’s like watching a movie, pressing pause and just playing it when I get ready to write. Sometimes the pause button doesn’t work and sometimes I even get a treat and can fast forward to other scenes I need to put in the story. That’s always fun and exciting, but each live story is just what it means. It’s live and it’s off the top of my head. No games, no tricks and no foolery. I work well under pressure.


READER QUESTIONS: How do I make you post faster?


That’s easy. Comment often and pay attention to what I write. Challenge me by telling me what you actually think of the story and what you think might happen and then most importantly, get others to join in and read with you. Once I had a whole office staff reading the story. Bookclubs can join in and so forth. The more hits I get on the counter the more I love to post. Over 500 hits gets me to post at least two to three a day and over a 1000 may get me to write even faster.  This story gets a minimum of 400 to 1500 a day. (People came back a lot on the love scenes)


READERS QUESTIONS: When is the next live read so I can help organize more readers to come?


My brain usually needs about thirty days of rest and relaxation and then it starts to churn. I give it about two months of rest before I start up again. Since I’ve been doing this (early Feb of 2005) I’ve managed to pump out three stories (really four but I refuse to count Dark Façade because it was never completed). That’s pretty good for an author in one year, plus I didn’t count Dreams of Reality and then the other books I work on offline. In all in 2006, I’ve completed about six books. (doing the happy dance) and three short stories (Sweet Justice is going in an anthology by Nobia Bryant, but I’m not even sure when that’s due out. I’ll keep you posted.) To answer the question, I’m going to say, Jan 2007. Probably the first week. Matter of fact, let me check my calendar…. (actually looking at calendar). We’ll say January 1st, 2007 on a Monday by 10am; I’ll be posting a new story. I’ll have a sign up board where people can sign up and be notified of the new story in advance and get updates and so forth once we begin. If you’ve already signed up for a story update, you’ll be on the list.


READERS QUESTIONS: Do you have an idea for your next story?


It’s in my head. (So is a lot of other stories) I was going to start on Onyx Heart story, but then I said I had too much to introduce and she’s a piece of work. But I want to bring back her nemesis, Blaque Heart real bad because my brain’s been churning the two of them going at each other. Finding a man for Onyx is going to be difficult because who wants to put up with a woman who can kick their ass? LOL. I know already it’s going to be an I/R, but I won’t divulge anything else my brain is saying. (And no bribing of any kind will work.) Like I said that’s still on the poker, but I might do a stand-alone story that I’ve been researching on Flex-fuel technology and romance. That’s gonna be weird because the male protagonist is really real. He’s this office eye candy where I work and he looks… just let me tell you, the man pulls tree stumps all day for the City of Detroit and you just won’t believe how well built he looks going on fifty. In any case, that’s the story line and in December I might do the contest again to come up with the title name. That was fun when we did Teach Me To Love.

  Just in case you wanted to know. I’ll be posting soon. Your Author,  Sylvia Hubbard

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Author’s Note 4

 Reader Comment and Question:

I’m signed up to receive chapters of your story “The Reunion” and i would like to ask you how many chapters you will be writing for this story? I’m waiting on pins and needles for the completion of this story. Do you think this story will go to print? Keep up the great writing.

Author’s Answer:

If you’re not familiar with this story process that I do, you are actually looking at a work in progress.
A live work in progress. Meaning that as fast as I can think of it, I type it and then you read it. So I can’t sit here and tell you how many parts this story will, but I average about 35 to 40 with at least a minimum of a 65 to 100 thousand word count.

As for the cliffhangers, ummmm… I don’t know what to tell you. Some of my old readers know me. I’ll leave you pheening for a couple of days because I’m just trying to work the story out in my head. I try to type as fast as possible and one reader donated me a laptop just so I could take my writing everywhere I went. LOL.

Thank you for that!

I really do write wherever I go and If you ask anyone I’m writing all the time, but I want to make sure that you’re getting a good story because I hate those stories that take you on a roller coaster ride and then drop you like a bad habit at the end

Yes, Grae and Liz will have a showdown and I might bring Tyrone back in the fray to get some justice for his assisity (I know that’s not even a word, LOL).

I’ll post today.

After every book, I push it over to as an ebook. Usually to download it after I’ve finished it costs so people who enjoy the ride get to read the meat and potatoes and the late comers have to pay to see anything other than the preview. I know that’s just cruel, but I gotta make a living if I’m going to do this full time one day, right? And usually I charge about a dollar or two for the downloaded version.

Thanks for enjoying the story and thanks for hitting me up.

P.S. I’m waiting on pins and needles to and when I know what’s going to happen you will too, I promise!


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Author Note’s 3


Comments about people’s comments.


Dalia, you asked a question that I couldn’t answer and then you read the next section and answered the question you asked. I was so tickled by that. Thank you.

 Troi, Philly Girl, & scstarza: Yeah, he (tyrone) is a bastard and he should be knocked out for what he did, but When I make my men mean, they usually turn out to be bastards. But dammit, he’s so durn sexy as hell too. TYSJ: I don’t know why I’m not as big as Dickey, LOL, but why don’t you guys keep spreading the word and maybe some big agent or publisher will come grant me a publishing deal to die for!


 Upcoming alert and offline questions: Reader’s Question: Prince Heart: Who is he and is there a story for him? Author Answer: Yes, there is a story for Prince Heart, but its never been released. I wrote it for an anthology called Cabin Fever and she never released it and I’m waiting for three years to come up before I release it. Unfortunately that won’t be until 2008. Prince is a cousin to Lethal Heart and younger brother to Red Heart. (To see Red Heart’s story, go to: Upcoming character alert: Kenneth Bellini (You’ll meet him in Part 26 or 27. I lost count at the time of writing this, but he’s coming.) If you are not familiar with my writing, the Bellini family (a Hispanic-African-American mixed) live out of Chicago and have their hands in a lot of “business.” Legit, the majority of them, but … well they’re always hard to explain. In any case, I know what you’re going to ask, but Kenneth is really just a sub-story line in another story that hasn’t even gotten to paper yet. (Gawd, if I die right now I think all my readers would be so upset because there’s so many stories in my head that I need to write.) In any case, Kenneth is an adopted member of the Bellini family by Dalton’s uncle Antonio.  Reader Question: Will you make a family tree of the Heart family and is there any particular reading order if I wanted to find out more about the Heart family? Author Answer: Are you trying to make more work for me? Don’t make me call you names! (calming down) Okay, I’ll start working on that, but don’t bug me about it. And you can pretty much read all the books in any order you desire. Below is a list of books with the Heart Family in it out and coming up. 
  Baby Doll
  Stealing Innocence I  Road to Freedom  Silent Lynx  Stealing Innocence II: The Ravishment  The Reunion  The Diary of…  Tanner’s Devil  Teach Me To Love  Dark Façade (due out 2007)      The Other Side of Love (due out 2007)  Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart (due out 2007)  Drawing the Line (due out 2008)All that are out is available on  Reader Question: Who’s your favorite Heart? Author Answer: I’d say Blaque Heart (featured in Teach Me To Love) and of course, Lethal Heart (featured in too many to name right now.) Reader: I love Onyx Heart! She’s such a bitch, but I love her. What kind of guy will she end up with? And I know you’ve just got to give her her own story, Sylvia. Author’s Answer: I don’t have to do anything but pay taxes and die. Of course Onyx will get her own story. I’m formulating that in my head, once I get Armando off the damn island. (If you don’t know what that means, please don’t ask because you are wayyyyy behind, LOL. Or go read Road to Freedom to catch up).


 I think that’s it. Email me with questions or just make posts on the board and I’ll comment as I can. Thanks for enjoying the story and letting me know I’m a really good writer. That means a lot coming from you guys.

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Author’s Note 2

Taking readers out their comfort zone.

A couple of replies to the story of Dana, Tyrone & Jerome have been quite amusing in the past days, but I got from some of the readers that I’m taking them out of their comfort zone.

Isn’t that why you picked up a book?

I always tell people – the majority of them being men – I’m bad on paper so I can be good in life. I write the things I could never imagine doing and say the stuff on paper that I would never think of saying in real life.

Taking you out of your comfort zone is what I like to do because then it makes life so easy to really live. You got to make yourself uncomfortable sometimes because if you become comfortable with life, it makes life boring.

So when you pick up one of my books, prepare to say three words at one time or another, “Oh my gawd!”

And quick asking me where the hell I get the ideas. I just write what I like to read and I have no idea where they come from – they just come, LMAO. You can imagine the dreams I have and I wish I could eat popcorn in my sleep because it’s a nonstop blockbuster movie night every night behind my eyelids.

I’m happy about the increase in readership of this story and I really didn’t think it would take off so much. You guys make me want to really finish this baby up fast and get to Dark Façade cause I’m so excited about that.

In any case, no I’m not going to leave you like that. I know I’m the queen of cliffhangers, but y’all (and you know who you are) would be flying cross country hunting me down, kidnapping me and binding my body to a computer to make me finish up the story.

If you’ve noticed I’ve gotten a ease to submitting and once I get the Internet at home (and hopefully I won’t get addicted again) then I’ll be able to really tear something up on my stories. I’m really excited about that.

In any case, I should be posting by the end of the day, so no death threats or tearing out the hair.

I’m still giggling over that comfort zone comment. That’s funny.

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Author’s Note 1

I’ve placed a comment about the story in the about section for Post 14 and responses to readers comments.

To read it, Click here or go to:

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