The Reunion

an I/R monthly from Sylvia Hubbard

Part Three

            “Close your eyes,” he ordered in that firm, pronounced hypnotic voice.

            “I really should go,” she lightly insisted.

            He placed his hand over her eyes for a moment and then moved them away. With him facing her, she couldn’t use the light from the fireplace to see where he had hidden the honey.

            “Really, I should-“

            “You can’t go or you forfeit.”

            Curiously, she asked, “And what happens if I forfeit?”

            A wicked smile curled his lips and one brow rose in a very devilish glare as he leaned back slightly to give her room to kiss on him. “You really don’t want to lose to me, Queen.”

            Was that a threat? A warning? Grae’s heart was racing like a bullet train and she was positive it was about to shoot out her body if it went any faster.

            Leaning over him, she pressed her lips stiffly against his warm skin on his shoulder.

            “Cold,” he stated. “Very cold.”

            ‘Just get it over with! He couldn’t have put it that far!’

            She concentrated on his chest and moved over just an inch. After three more kisses over, she looked up at him to see he was staring down at her. Her nervousness increased. Tucking her legs under her and placing a hand carefully on his thigh to lean over more – careful to avoid the thick shaft that was still hard as Gibraltar, she moved down to place a kiss on his dark pink nipple. She heard him take a deep breath and his skin change. Fascinated, she found herself drawn to kiss the nipple again and watch in fascination as the texture hardened right there and goose bumps appeared.

            Had she done that?

            Moving over to the other one, by planting kisses over his biceps, she moved ever so slowly and this time fluttered the top of her tongue tasting his warm flesh. She thought about warm golden butter as she circled her tongue around the hardness and flickered it teasingly. His breath caught in his throat and she was slightly taken aback that he was clearly showing how much he was enjoying her touch.

            After moving over to his arm and still being unsuccessful in her attempt to find it, she whimpered in frustration.

            “You’re still very cold,” he said with that same wicked smile.

            Narrowing her eyes, she knew her direction had to change. She would have to go lower and that mean closer to…

            Moving her head down she kissed right below his rib cage. He leaned back farther to give her easy access. Inch by inch she moved lower very aware that his manhood was getting closer and closer.

            “Warmer,” he said when she was an inch from his belly button. In about two more inches, all she had to do was turn her head to the left and…

            Concentrating so hard on her direction, she forgot what she was looking for and shocked herself, when her lips felt the stickiness.

“That’s the spot,” he chuckled his stomach tensing and she knew her mouth was tickling him.

It was so sweet as her tongue first licked her lips and then proceeded to press hard against his skin to lick the rest of the honey out.

As she sat up to lick the rest of the honey off her lips and announce that she was going to leave, his hand came up so face to grip her neck. His mouth pressed against hers almost sucking the breath out her body. Sweet! So good! His tongue licked the rest of the honey off her lips and then pressed between them and tangled with hers. Sweeter! Better! Wonderful!

Her arms circled his neck and she felt her back lie against the bed while he moved above her. The kiss never broke, but she was so aware of his hands cupping her breast, feeling down her side and then moving between her legs.

‘NO!’ her conscious screamed, but her body opened up for him and his finger pressed inside her.

Grae’s gasped amazed at her wetness surrounding his protrusion. “Wait!” she cried. “No! no!”

He moved away, but not enough to let her up. He was lying on top of her and she could very well feel his manhood resting on her thong and stomach, but he used his arms to hold his weight.

“I have to go! This was a bad idea!” she insisted.

Frowning in slow motion, he shook his head. “You can’t go. Not without receiving your reward.”


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