The Reunion

an I/R monthly from Sylvia Hubbard

Part Two

            Now Grae was about five foot eight. A rather tall size for a woman and it was always hard to find guys that she didn’t equal or tower over. On top of that, instead of just getting to be a slim five foot eight, she was thick in all the right places, so no skinny man would do it for her. The three-inch heels added on a lot of her and she was not an easy woman to match up with a man.

            Yet, this golden live statue of David all buffed up like he had just won Mr. Universe, was over six and a half feet, brawny with golden hair across his chest that led down to his belly and into the towel. Looking back up at his face, she gasped realizing exactly who this man was. True, he was gorgeous, but he was also Ezekiel Chambers. She couldn’t forget those sensual green eyes or the strong arrogant chin and the broad shoulders.

            She found herself licking her lips and unable to keep her eyes straight. “I-I was…” She had to take a breath because suddenly she couldn’t breath. “T-The party.”

            “I’m not going to the party as you can see. Get the jar off the table beside you and get in here.”

            Grae could feel his visual gaze licking over her body in a sensual caress.

            He stepped away from the doorway and walked away. The light that had been in that room on was now flicked off.           

            She looked for the table, which was by her hand and grabbed a jar. Looking at the thick golden liquid inside she realized it was honey. Why would he need honey?

            Maybe he wasn’t going to the party because he wasn’t feeling well? But shouldn’t she be heading to the kitchen to make him some lemon honey tea?

            “I’m waiting,” he growled impatiently from the other room.

            Going to the doorway, she clutched the honey to her chest. A low fireplace only lit this room and it was extremely warm. The windows were opened and she could see Chicago’s Downtown – a beautiful urban display set against the bed… the bed!

            But he wasn’t there. She found him sitting in a corner by the fireplace in a chair.

            “Aren’t you going to take off your clothes?” he asked.

            “I’m not suppose to do that,” she said obviously.

            He chuckled sensuously. “You’re not going to have sex. Is that what you thought? I’m not like the others. Trust me.”

            Others? What the hell was he talking about? Curiosity was killing her.

            “Take the clothes off,” he ordered. The words were said real slow and very pronounced.

            It was like his voice had put her in a trance and to not obey seemed suddenly ridiculous. How many nights had she imagined this? Was she dreaming now? If so, she didn’t want to wake up. She found her hand moving down and unzipping the skirt from behind. It shimmered down her thighs to her ankles. ‘What the hell are you doing?’ her mind screamed. She ignored her brain and took off her top so she was only standing in her lace black bra and thong.

            He gasped and she thought something was wrong. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered. “Did you put the honey on your body somewhere already?” he asked.

            “On?” she asked confused.

            “Yes,” he answered pronouncing the last sound overly long. “Would you like me to close my eyes while you put some on. Surprise me and I’ll join you on the bed.”


            “The large comfortable rectangle object in the center of the room.”

            Grae realized he was being sarcastic.

            “You have fifteen seconds,” he ordered.

            “Now?” Grae asked.


            She opened the honey. Her fingers were trembling as she dipped her finger in the sticky thick sweetness and applied it to her arm. Setting the jar on the table next to the bed, she laid down on the bed careful not to get the honey on the sheets.

            ‘What the hell are you doing?!’ her brain screamed again.

            ‘Would you shut the fuck up! This is Ezekiel Chambers and he’s looking at me! At me!’

            He stood and the towel dropped off his waist. It was her turn to gasp. Thick and pronounced – not his speech! His full-hardened shaft had already dripping. He moved over to the bed and stared down at her. The light was dim as he reached over and touched her collar lightly with just the tip of his fingertips.

            She bit her lip to suffice the whimper. Okay, maybe she should have listened to her brain, but damn if curiosity wasn’t making her lay her ass right there and watch his every move despite the dimness in the room.

            His weight made the bed lean down as he sat next to her, his flank brushing against her hand.

            Ezekiel Chambers was sitting naked beside her. NAKED!

            And try as she might her eyes were like a magnet drawn to stare at the beautiful erect shaft that seemed to be beckon her to taste. Grae suddenly realized that he moved his hands until they were on each side of her head and he was partially leaning over her.

            “Damn!” he hissed as he leaned over her. “You’re beautiful. Where did Leon find you?”

            Grae’s eyes widened.” Leon?! Set this up?” She didn’t answer because she wasn’t supposed to be here.

            “So where did you hide my honey?” he asked amused and leaned down further to plant kisses on her neck. Grae’s body and breath froze as his warm lips trailed down from below her ear. Her nose inhaled his arousing masculine scent along with Armani cologne. Damn himself! He smelled so damn damn good.

            Her body felt like an invisible grip had been placed upon it and no muscle obeyed her mind as it screamed for her to get the hell up off of the bed. Usually Grae could just obey, but this was Ezekiel Chambers. Someone else had inhabited Grae’s body and was not listening to her conscious. It was as if just the fact that this was Zeke made all the sense in the world, but it didn’t. He was just a man, just like any other man that Grae had refused to allow to touch her body, but yet…

            Not a muscle moved as his tongue flicked out and trailed along her ear.

            “M-Maybe I changed my mind,” she whispered, tears welling in her eyes at how good it felt. Grae had gotten herself in deep shit and she didn’t know how to think her way out of this trouble. Her curiosity was going to be her downfall and there would be no way to explain. How are you going to show you face tomorrow once everyone knows?

            His mouth suckled hard on her neck and Grae moaned another protest, but it was incoherent to even her ears. It was a moan, mixed with a purr. He tasted every inch of her skin voraciously as if she had drenched her whole body in honey.

            His face moved down to her chest and Grae couldn’t move at all as his mouth licked, suckled and titillated her skin. It’s innocent, the evil voice said. He said no sex. He’s not like the others.

            ‘Crazy, get your ass up!’ her conscious yelled.

            That invisible grip was still there. She felt like she was outside of her own body watching, but also feeling what was going on. Grae couldn’t stop watching his pink mouth and tongue take its time licking over on her shoulder and then going down her chest until he raised a hand and pulled away her bra to reveal the dark nipple. It was like her whole body received a bolt of electricity and his mouth felt like fire and ice at the same time against the sensitive skin of her nipple.

            “My arm” she cried, raising up and pushing him off of her. “The honey is on my arm!”

            Her key card fell out on her lap and he placed it on the side table next to the jar of honey. His hand reached up and playfully pulled a tendril. Frowning, he said, “That’s no fair to tell, Queen.”

            Her name was not Queen! And there was no one in the graduating class by that name. Raising her arm, she held it out to him. “You were very cold and the way you were going, it was going to take hours.”

            “That was the point.”

            Why did she feel doubly wet between her legs at that statement? Sitting up straight and clearing her throat trying to concentrate on what her subconscious was saying, she said, “I should go. This was a very bad mistake.”

            “Not yet,” he said in a very hypnotic voice.

            “Zeke, this is crazy. I’ve never –“

            He placed a finger over her lips and then gently picked up her arm that had the honey on it. She couldn’t speak or halfway breath again as his thick tongue licked the honey off in long thick strokes. Once her arm was cleaned, he turned those passion filled green eyes on her again and smiled the most gorgeous smile.

            “Not yet,” he said again.

            “Why?” she asked breathlessly.

            That smiled widened as he reached over and picked up the jar of honey. “My turn.”


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