The Reunion

an I/R monthly from Sylvia Hubbard

Author’s Note 8

With my conference over, I can get back on track. I’ll finish this baby up, but I wanted to ask my devoted readers a favor.

 I’m not liking the title too well and I need your help to rename ths book.

 The winner will receive a copy of Prince’s story along with all the donators to this book.

I havent’ read or commented on any comments since Friday and now i need to play catch up.

 Today I should.

Your author,



November 13, 2006 - Posted by | Author's Note


  1. The title suggugestion is as follows: 1. The Utimate Betrayal. 2. Sins of Thy Father and Mother. Thanks

    Comment by scstarza | November 13, 2006

  2. i really like the story , the title that i would like to suggest is ” Exotic Deception” ,thanks

    Comment by lilie | November 13, 2006

  3. I think you should rename it “Grae’s Love,” “A Love Worth Fighting For,” “Too Little, Too Late,” “For One or the Other,” or “Caught In Between.”

    Comment by Kristina | November 13, 2006

  4. Hi Sylvia, Saw you on the news (WDIV, CHANNEL 4) on saturday while at work. Yes I would have loved to have been at the conference but, I had to work this weekend. I have been following your stories and I posted some comments on Tanner’s story. I just wanted to congratulate you being passionate about your writing and wishing you the best. Also just to try my hand at the the title for this story. “Grae’s Homecoming”, “Coming Home To Love”, “If Love Is What Your After” and last but not least, ” Loves coming in Time”. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Comment by michelle | November 13, 2006

  5. I’ve got some title suggestions: A Class of Deception; The Sins of the Fathers; The Revenge of Sons; Chambers of Deception; or Chambers of Revenge. Or just for tickling funny bones – An Executive’s Guide to Revenge and Deception, told as a narrative from Ezekiel’s point of view.


    Comment by Lavern | November 13, 2006

  6. Um I don’t think these are really good but since you asked I guess I can help: The Foundation; A Father’s Love; Secrets, Lies, & Consequences; In the End; Reed’s Chambers; The Heart’s Prison; The Deception of Love (or Love’s Deception); Making it Last; New Beginnings; The End of the Beginning; Chasing a Dream; A Chamber of Secrets; A Life Built on a Lie (or Built on a Lie); The Sins of a Lover; Grae Eyes; The Burden of Happiness; A Family of Secrets; Deja Vu; Love’s Exception; or Family, Friends, and Enemies.

    Comment by Dolores | November 13, 2006

  7. some thoughts…..high school unfolds; hidden agenda; waiting for love; high school crush?; Grae’s reunion; ancient/past history or(distance of time); lovers & deceivers; blast from the past; identity exposed

    Comment by mm | November 13, 2006

  8. Grae eyes exposed

    Comment by TC | November 13, 2006

  9. I will go with Secrets from the Past, Family Lies, The Past repeats it Self, Chambers loves to Reed, Caught Up in Deception, and Blind Eye to Love and Deception.

    Comment by tori03 | November 13, 2006

  10. The others had some great suggestions, so I know it’s going to be hard for you to choose. Here’s mine:
    Shades of Grae
    Love Hangover
    Wheels of Deception
    Circle of Enemies
    Whose your Daddy? or Whose your Daddy now?(for fun)

    Comment by Suprina | November 13, 2006

  11. Hi Sylvia
    I happen to like the title just fine and because of that can’t think of any I’d want to replace it with, afterall, that’s where everything was set in motion…..


    Comment by Chandra | November 13, 2006

  12. well seeing as how deciding on a title may be hard these are the three i support (im not sure if my opinion counts but im giving it lol)

    (in random order)
    1. the reunion
    2. shades of grea
    3. chambers of deception.

    so um question if you pic one of the 3 i support do i get a prize too ??:D::D

    a girl has got to try her luck 😛

    always a big fan

    Comment by lilo | November 13, 2006

  13. I must admit that I like The Reunion too…I still think its good enough as is, but I do like Suprina’s Shades of Grae…catchy.

    Comment by Dolores | November 13, 2006

  14. I like the title “The Reunion” also but a few suggestions are “Deadly Sins”, “Fathers’ Betrayal”, and “Love’s Deception”.

    Comment by Selena | November 13, 2006


    Comment by faith | November 13, 2006

  16. Hey, how about “The colors of Deception”? or “The colors of betrayal” or “From Deception to Redemption”

    Comment by Belinda | November 14, 2006

  17. How about
    -“The Class Act”
    -“For the Love of Grae”
    -“Love is Grae” (pun!)
    -“Times Past”
    -“Reed n Chamber” (ha- sounds like a law firm :))
    -“Love Upheaval”
    -“Dire Straits”
    -“Grae’s Quagmire”
    -“Anything for Love and Money”…(phew)!

    Comment by aran | November 14, 2006

  18. How about:
    -Reed n Chamber(ha- sounds like a law firm :))
    -Love Upheaval
    -For the Love of Grae
    -Anything for love and money
    -Grae Love
    -Grae’s Anatomy for Love 😀
    -The Class Act
    -Past n Present…(phew)!

    Comment by aran | November 14, 2006

  19. How about Reed n Chamber(ha- sounds like a law firm :)), Imbroglio, Love Upheaval, For the Love of Grae, Entangle, Anything for love and money, Grae Love, Grae’s Anatomy for Love :D, The Class Act, Past n Present…(phew)!

    Comment by aran | November 14, 2006

  20. These titles are really good so far but here goes:
    Honor Thy Father
    Love and Betrayal
    Family Ties and Deception
    There Comes a Time
    Secrets, Lies and Family Ties

    Hope this helps

    Comment by Ljay | November 14, 2006

  21. Hi Sylvia,

    Here are my two suggestions:

    *Lies in Between
    *Web of Deceptions

    Comment by Kim | November 14, 2006

  22. Hi,

    Here are my suggestion:

    Sins of our Fathers or Our Fathers Sins
    Grae’s fathers
    Grae’s Chambers
    Hidden love
    The color of Love

    Well at the moment I can only thing of those, hope it will help!

    Comment by Bertille | November 14, 2006

  23. I would have to vote for “Shades of Grae”, it seems to be very catchy and sums up the book well.

    Comment by Christel | November 14, 2006

  24. title

    1) love sweet revenge
    2) chambers secreat
    3) the final reunion
    4) reunion of love
    best of all


    Comment by Anonymous | November 14, 2006

  25. title

    1) love sweet revenge
    2) chambers secreat
    3) the final reunion
    4) reunion of love
    best of all


    Comment by j | November 14, 2006

  26. I think UNFORGETABLE is the best.

    Comment by nellie | November 14, 2006

  27. Hey, hey now….Bertille, you’re getting a little bit too close to one of the books I wrote with that ‘The Color of Love’ suggestion. Mine is called ‘Colors of Love’.

    Lol. If Sylvia picks it, I don’t mind. I would actually love having similar titles with such a great author.

    But since I wasn’t sure if Sylvia was like some authors who don’t want their titles so close to someone else’s, I thought I’d mention it. Btw, that is also why I didn’t suggest ‘Misguided Reunion’ though it might have been a good title for this book, too.


    Comment by Suprina | November 14, 2006

  28. Reunion of Deception

    Keep up the good work. I am so hooked it pathetic lol 🙂

    Comment by MichelleA | November 14, 2006

  29. Thought of another title: Ire and Desire
    Because Grae and Zeke have a tendency to go from one extreme to the other.

    Comment by Suprina | November 15, 2006

  30. hi sylvia..

    my suggestion would be
    A chambers of betrayal..
    Deep Waters
    You only think you know
    Be careful what you ask for
    Some dreams are best left untouched
    Locked doors must stay locked
    Paradox of love

    enjoying the story are greeeattt!

    Comment by taa2s | November 15, 2006

  31. Ms.Sylvia, I personally like the title The Reuion, and think you shouldn’t change it at all, it fits the story perfectly. All through the story, most of the characters are reunited not for the first time but they know how they are connected to each other so they are like reunited for the first time. (Please pick me :))

    Comment by Lashonda | November 15, 2006

  32. Hi Suprina,
    Hey having the same titles as another book is not the best thing.
    Well here’s another suggestion: For Grae’s Eyes, as all the cararters in the story act according to her. The “baddies” because of the color of her eyes, and the “gooddies” just because of her, so…

    Comment by Bertille | November 16, 2006

  33. Hi Suprina,
    Hey having the same titles as another book is not the best thing.
    Well here’s another suggestion: For Grae’s Eyes, as all the characters of the story act according to her.
    The “baddies” because of the color of her eyes, and the “gooddies” just because of her, so…

    Comment by Bertille | November 16, 2006

  34. That’s good, Bertille. I can’t wait to see which title Sylvia will pick. With so many good suggestions, I’m glad I’m not the one making the decision.

    Comment by Suprina | November 16, 2006

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