The Reunion

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Please stand up!

 There were so many good suggestions and I’ve been remissed in going back and checking to see who suggested what. So I’m going to use the honesty system and asked that you … yes, you, step forward for the title contest if it was you who suggested it.

 Now since I chose the following title with a subtitle (that was also suggested and I think – or I know two people suggested the first title, I would like you to send an email to me at sylviahubbard1@yahoo.comDO NOT COMMENT ON THIS MESSAGE AND SAY “it was me, Sylvia”). I do have the email addresses of the titles that I wanted to consider and then I’ll just run a search on that email to see if it matches what i have stored.

Drumrolll for the final title….

Sweet Reunion

Chamber of Love

Thanks again for all your help and see you all in January of 2007 when the next book will be….

 Gotcha… like I was gonna just tell you. LOL.

 I’ll keep you abreast on what’s it gonna be by the middle or end of December…

Don’t forget to refer friends to Sweet Reunion at: and if you haven’t, you can pick up Prince Heart story at:


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Author Post 9

Gawd, I’m done. I mean I’m really done.

To end this story was so difficult. I didn’t want to let them go. I loved Grae and I loved Ezekiel and I loved this story. I wish I was living it sooooo bad.

I don’t know what was wrong with me and why I was so reluctant to end it, but that was the case. I knew once I ended it, I would have to let them go and I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to let Grae and Ezekiel go.

I wanted to change her name and I thought that was about the stupidest name I could give a character, but it worked out so well. So good!

But I’m done. I’m so done with it and I will be uploading the final chapter to my lulu bookstore after I do a quick spell-check.

In the meantime for those of you who are interested, I’ve made Prince Heart Story available for you at:

Here’s the cover I just did for Prince Heart story which is called Cabin Fever.


And the synopsis just in case you’re interested:

When Naomi is scarred by a horrible crime, her old seductress ways were put to rest, while she coped with the fact that men did not find her attractive anymore. Yet, when she ventures on the Internet and finds a man who will love her despite her appearance, she realizes that beauty is only skin deep, but deception is ugly to the bone.

Enjoy and once you download it, please leave a comment on this page.

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Author’s Note 8

With my conference over, I can get back on track. I’ll finish this baby up, but I wanted to ask my devoted readers a favor.

 I’m not liking the title too well and I need your help to rename ths book.

 The winner will receive a copy of Prince’s story along with all the donators to this book.

I havent’ read or commented on any comments since Friday and now i need to play catch up.

 Today I should.

Your author,


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Author’s Note

oh my gawd, i didn’t expect the story to take a turn like it just did and the bad part is I don’t have time to post it right now.

I didn’t reread it to make sure it was consistent so i can’t post it.

I’ll do it tonight after I get back from my pre-media party!

I have to make sure all story lines are closed and this is the last chapter to do it. I think I got everyone down except for Gus’ problems.

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Author’s Note 7

I know you are waiting.

I’m soooooo sorry.

I am in the midst of planning a conference and I am so trying to get it all done and get the story together without stressing out.

I usually take 3 month breaks during this time, but this story was soo good that I had to start and…

Well that’s why I’ m so sorry, but….

I am going to post tonight by midnight EST at least one post and then I’ll stay up and post another about a couple of hours later.

Right now, I’m headed to the library to talk about sex…. I swear it’s the truth.

Once again I’m sorry.

And please stop tearing your hair out, biting off your nails, bitching at your husbands, and any other obsessive complusive habits (such as refreshing the screen twenty times in one hour) that you have developed because of me.

Thank you

Your author,

Sylvia Hubbard

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