The Reunion

an I/R monthly from Sylvia Hubbard

Author’s Note 5

Author’s note: 

We are now getting down to the nitty gritty of the story. Usually when all the crap hits the fans and you’re looking at one ugly mess I have to clean up.


To all the old fans, they know what I might do, but you newbies to my work are a little wet behind the ears.


If you’re familiar with my work, when we get to Chapter 40, I’m wrapping up. Since I was twenty-nine, I’ve always tried to devote about four to five pages to a chapter. (Although we don’t count Stone’s Revenge and that fifteen page rape scene in Stealing Innocence, LOL.) By Chapter 40, I’m usually hitting my designated word count of 75,000 and I’ve spit out all that I creatively spit and now all that’s left to do is wrap it up and decide if I want a happy ending with what’s best or a happy ending with what’s to come.


I hate open ending stories, so everything should be wrapped up by then:


Right now for the Reunion, I’ve got to:


  • Decide how I’ll announce Grae’s pregnancy
  • Work out the LW storyline (which you’re not even close on your guesses about)
  • Decide if Prince will beat the shit out of Ezekiel
  • Decide if Ezekiel will really hurt Grae
  • Find Grae’s father
  • Figure out what the hell is up with Rachel
  • Decide if I’ll give you even a hint of Prince’s fiancée
  • Kick Liz’s butt on just because you messed with my life principles
  • Bring Ezekiel and Gus back together somehow without punking either one of them out
  • Bring Ezekiel and Grae back together after Ezekiel rips her to pieces, if he does, because I haven’t figured out if he is going to hurt her or not.


I think that’s it? If not, please let me know what I missed.

 READER’S QUESTIONS:  Hey, you’re the writer; you should know what’s going to happen.  

Well, I should, but I’m typing the story eight hours to an hour short of posting it online. When I say you’re reading it live and hot, I really mean it. You are reading right from my imagination.

 READER QUESTIONS:  Well how do you keep up with the story if you’re just making it up? Don’t’ you keep post it notes? Or something? Don’t’ you have an outline of what’s to come or something? 

No! Never have and probably never will until I get old and complicated. I just go in my brain and pull out where I left off from. It’s like watching a movie, pressing pause and just playing it when I get ready to write. Sometimes the pause button doesn’t work and sometimes I even get a treat and can fast forward to other scenes I need to put in the story. That’s always fun and exciting, but each live story is just what it means. It’s live and it’s off the top of my head. No games, no tricks and no foolery. I work well under pressure.


READER QUESTIONS: How do I make you post faster?


That’s easy. Comment often and pay attention to what I write. Challenge me by telling me what you actually think of the story and what you think might happen and then most importantly, get others to join in and read with you. Once I had a whole office staff reading the story. Bookclubs can join in and so forth. The more hits I get on the counter the more I love to post. Over 500 hits gets me to post at least two to three a day and over a 1000 may get me to write even faster.  This story gets a minimum of 400 to 1500 a day. (People came back a lot on the love scenes)


READERS QUESTIONS: When is the next live read so I can help organize more readers to come?


My brain usually needs about thirty days of rest and relaxation and then it starts to churn. I give it about two months of rest before I start up again. Since I’ve been doing this (early Feb of 2005) I’ve managed to pump out three stories (really four but I refuse to count Dark Façade because it was never completed). That’s pretty good for an author in one year, plus I didn’t count Dreams of Reality and then the other books I work on offline. In all in 2006, I’ve completed about six books. (doing the happy dance) and three short stories (Sweet Justice is going in an anthology by Nobia Bryant, but I’m not even sure when that’s due out. I’ll keep you posted.) To answer the question, I’m going to say, Jan 2007. Probably the first week. Matter of fact, let me check my calendar…. (actually looking at calendar). We’ll say January 1st, 2007 on a Monday by 10am; I’ll be posting a new story. I’ll have a sign up board where people can sign up and be notified of the new story in advance and get updates and so forth once we begin. If you’ve already signed up for a story update, you’ll be on the list.


READERS QUESTIONS: Do you have an idea for your next story?


It’s in my head. (So is a lot of other stories) I was going to start on Onyx Heart story, but then I said I had too much to introduce and she’s a piece of work. But I want to bring back her nemesis, Blaque Heart real bad because my brain’s been churning the two of them going at each other. Finding a man for Onyx is going to be difficult because who wants to put up with a woman who can kick their ass? LOL. I know already it’s going to be an I/R, but I won’t divulge anything else my brain is saying. (And no bribing of any kind will work.) Like I said that’s still on the poker, but I might do a stand-alone story that I’ve been researching on Flex-fuel technology and romance. That’s gonna be weird because the male protagonist is really real. He’s this office eye candy where I work and he looks… just let me tell you, the man pulls tree stumps all day for the City of Detroit and you just won’t believe how well built he looks going on fifty. In any case, that’s the story line and in December I might do the contest again to come up with the title name. That was fun when we did Teach Me To Love.

  Just in case you wanted to know. I’ll be posting soon. Your Author,  Sylvia Hubbard


October 31, 2006 - Posted by | Author's Note


  1. I didn’t try to guess about LW and Rachel, but I think that LW and Rachel are siblings, and they’re in cahoots to sabatoge the foundation because their father kicked their brother to the curb…

    Comment by Philly Girl | October 31, 2006

  2. HI! Sylvia I just catching up on THE REUNION. I just want to tell you…YOU ARE A TRIP and A GODDESS. I heard of foklore of woman becoming pregnant by a man putting his penis between woman legs but I having seem any documention. Hopeful you will explain that to me and your adoring fans. Is Liz…LW? Is Liz really Grea friend or is she sitting Grea up. What happen to Zeke and last woman who hurt him? Is Grea and Rachel half sister?

    Comment by Cinquetta allen | November 1, 2006

  3. Hi Sylvia,
    Over the last week I found and read The Reunion. I have to say that I am really enjoying the story. I am checking out your other works as well.

    I feel like your characters are finding themselves as I am learning about them and it is FUN! Zeke sounds sexy as HELL. He is also confused. He does not know what it is to love or be loved and once he lets go and the emotion truly BACK-SLAPS him it is going to be great to read.

    I think he may need one or both of the brothers to bring him around. The since the seceret wedding they have not been around again. I liked seeing that relationship and Zeke needs help trying to figure all of this out since it is new to him. Who would be better than either Tyrone or Jerome!

    Thank you for the story and keep up the good work!

    Comment by RomanceChica | November 1, 2006

  4. I said in the last comment that I thought LW was Liz. I also think that Rachael has always known who Grae really was but never said anything. I think Graes dad owns the company and I also think something happen with Grae’s mom, dad, gus, and zeke mom. This is so twisted it’s crazy…lol But the truth shall come to light.

    Comment by tori03 | November 1, 2006

  5. Hmm

    Comment by Leif-Harald Nesheim | January 9, 2007

  6. Bush and the Republicans were not protecting us on 9-11, and we aren’t a lot safer now. We may be more afraid due to george bush, but are we safer? Being fearful does not necessarily make one safer. Fear can cause people to hide and cower. What do you think? What is he doing to us, and what is he doing to the world?
    Are we safer today than we were before?
    The more people that the government puts in jails, the safer we are told to think we are. The real terrorists are wherever they are, but they aren’t living in a country with bars on the windows. We are.

    Comment by Antibush | February 16, 2007

  7. One of the most exciting things about the Happy Endings Lounge is getting to walk in the dingy boring store front looking front door only to find a full on lounge pulsing behind it. The place has a bit of a prohibition feel in that way which is, quite frankly, cool. There was even an abandoned reception desk and some tacky looking aquarium–the sort of massage parlor remnants that others have mentioned.I’ve only ever been here on Wednseday nights because on the last wednesday of every month, happy endings plays host to a WONDERFUL storytelling event called the How I learned series. If I were rating the event, it’d be five stars. Great crowd, and stories that range from heartwrenching to hilarious..and it seems as though this isn’t the only fun event Happy Endings hosts, which is a definite plus in terms of the sort of culture I’m sure it attracts.All this said, everything about Happy Endings as merely a bar is pretty standard. Average priced drinks of average quality in a decently decorated space. All this isn’t too much to rave about, but the events really are, so make sure to visit when something great is going on and Happy Endings won’t disappoint.

    Comment by Curt Obrien | October 29, 2013

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