The Reunion

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Author Note’s 3


Comments about people’s comments.


Dalia, you asked a question that I couldn’t answer and then you read the next section and answered the question you asked. I was so tickled by that. Thank you.

 Troi, Philly Girl, & scstarza: Yeah, he (tyrone) is a bastard and he should be knocked out for what he did, but When I make my men mean, they usually turn out to be bastards. But dammit, he’s so durn sexy as hell too. TYSJ: I don’t know why I’m not as big as Dickey, LOL, but why don’t you guys keep spreading the word and maybe some big agent or publisher will come grant me a publishing deal to die for!


 Upcoming alert and offline questions: Reader’s Question: Prince Heart: Who is he and is there a story for him? Author Answer: Yes, there is a story for Prince Heart, but its never been released. I wrote it for an anthology called Cabin Fever and she never released it and I’m waiting for three years to come up before I release it. Unfortunately that won’t be until 2008. Prince is a cousin to Lethal Heart and younger brother to Red Heart. (To see Red Heart’s story, go to: Upcoming character alert: Kenneth Bellini (You’ll meet him in Part 26 or 27. I lost count at the time of writing this, but he’s coming.) If you are not familiar with my writing, the Bellini family (a Hispanic-African-American mixed) live out of Chicago and have their hands in a lot of “business.” Legit, the majority of them, but … well they’re always hard to explain. In any case, I know what you’re going to ask, but Kenneth is really just a sub-story line in another story that hasn’t even gotten to paper yet. (Gawd, if I die right now I think all my readers would be so upset because there’s so many stories in my head that I need to write.) In any case, Kenneth is an adopted member of the Bellini family by Dalton’s uncle Antonio.  Reader Question: Will you make a family tree of the Heart family and is there any particular reading order if I wanted to find out more about the Heart family? Author Answer: Are you trying to make more work for me? Don’t make me call you names! (calming down) Okay, I’ll start working on that, but don’t bug me about it. And you can pretty much read all the books in any order you desire. Below is a list of books with the Heart Family in it out and coming up. 
  Baby Doll
  Stealing Innocence I  Road to Freedom  Silent Lynx  Stealing Innocence II: The Ravishment  The Reunion  The Diary of…  Tanner’s Devil  Teach Me To Love  Dark Façade (due out 2007)      The Other Side of Love (due out 2007)  Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart (due out 2007)  Drawing the Line (due out 2008)All that are out is available on  Reader Question: Who’s your favorite Heart? Author Answer: I’d say Blaque Heart (featured in Teach Me To Love) and of course, Lethal Heart (featured in too many to name right now.) Reader: I love Onyx Heart! She’s such a bitch, but I love her. What kind of guy will she end up with? And I know you’ve just got to give her her own story, Sylvia. Author’s Answer: I don’t have to do anything but pay taxes and die. Of course Onyx will get her own story. I’m formulating that in my head, once I get Armando off the damn island. (If you don’t know what that means, please don’t ask because you are wayyyyy behind, LOL. Or go read Road to Freedom to catch up).


 I think that’s it. Email me with questions or just make posts on the board and I’ll comment as I can. Thanks for enjoying the story and letting me know I’m a really good writer. That means a lot coming from you guys.


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